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We are prominent importer of luxury gourmet products covering a wide range of high quality products. We import variety of foods and beverages in prominent brands, across the globe. We believe in the philosophy that premium brands are an experience beyond all. Our mixed products from many continents ensure that Indian market benefits from all the major brands of the world which are excellent in quality and premiumness.

Most Buzz created online & offline by a booth at Aahar 2016 (15th March to 19th March)


Out of all the marketing instruments available trade fairs offer by far the widest range of function. This is where we meet with our customers/ outlet owners and decision makers and discuss new business opportunity or issues with impacting our business.

In Aahar the key focus was on the MONIN White Peach syrup & Le Fruit De MONIN Blueberry along our gourmet range Mutti & DeCecco. Great team of our MONIN brand managers were working behind the bars. While our very own chef was behind the kitchen for making delicious pastas.

We were also thrilled to receive an award for “Most Buzz created online & offline by a booth” This edition of Aahar was a huge success and look forward to further engagement with our customers.

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