Welcome to Luxury Gourmet

We are prominent importer of luxury gourmet products covering a wide range of high quality products. We import variety of foods and beverages in prominent brands, across the globe. We believe in the philosophy that premium brands are an experience beyond all. Our mixed products from many continents ensure that Indian market benefits from all the major brands of the world which are excellent in quality and premiumness.

Our Studio


Working in partnership

Working with mixologists (creating high-end cocktails), barista (in coffee shops) and food service professionals, both independent and international, to:

  • Offer new ideas and successful recipes.
  • Bring added value to their business.
  • Customise their drink offer and create seasonal programmes.

Tailored solutions

Understanding all kinds of business and responding quickly to their needs, thanks to:

  • Beverage Innovation Managers, beverage experts, who are based locally and are on-trend within their markets.
  • MONIN Studios or CafĂ©s, Beverage Innovation Center, offering a unique space to work with customers to develop new drinks and product applications, and implement staff training.


Our marketing team supports our clients with everything needed to present the product in a perfect way:

  • Promotional programs
  • Merchandising material
  • Staff training tools
  • Professional pictures, etc.

Cost Control

  • Maximum number of applications or by changing the flavour
  • From concepts to in-store implementation and promotion e.g. menu creation, staff training and promotional  tools, saves lot of cost of our consumers
  • Consistency all around the world same flavour fitting all regulation, certified by leading quality organisation